Products & Services

Transport & Cleaning of Hazardous Waste

Services Includes:

  • Cleaning / Decontamination of Crime and accident scenes including Mortuaries.
  • Cleaning / Decontamination of Vehicles & Ambulances.
  • Cleaning and transportation of Health Care Risk Waste from various generators,
    such as Hospitals, clinics, doctors, hospices, old age homes, pharmacies, educational institutions, funeral homes and laboratories.
  • Transport of Infectious, Sharps, Anatomical and Pharmaceutical waste.


Products range from Hazardous waste containers, to cleaning chemicals



  • Pharmaceutical and Sharps containers
  • Infectious / anatomical re-usable containers
  • Medical Waste Consumables

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Importance of disposing of Medical Waste properly (World Health Organization)

Waste generated by health care activities include a broad range of materials, from used needles and syringes to soiled dressings, body parts, diagnostic samples, blood, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, medical devices and radioactive materials. Poor management of health care waste potentially exposes health care workers, waste handlers, patients and the community at large to infection, toxic effects and injuries, and risks polluting the environment. It is essential that all medical waste materials are segregated at the point of generation, appropriately treated and disposed of safely.

We are Accredited

Nyembe Waste Management has been registered as a Hazardous Waste Transporter. Reg. no: GPT-00-730. To obtain a copy of our accreditation, please send us a mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Tel: 012 700 0047  Fax: 086 403 5716  Email: 

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